West Cozy

by Creature People

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West Cozy 04:24
Here I find myself back in the very place as a year ago and yet nothing looks the same. Load the car with our provisions; constantly change. Take me for a ride West Coast, West Coast. Will we ever find, find, find what we hoped for most? Oh, peace; tranquility's ghost travels through the trees upon the breeze searching for an able-bodied host. Could it be our happiness is made by our minds? In the same regard sadness could be left behind. So why do I sit here weeping while you sleep? Take me from this place to the West Coast. Maybe the sun, sun, sun is what I need the most. Oh, I have the choice to live right here and now or keep longing for some future, distant dream. If you're living in the present please show me how. I can fill my blood with wine on the darkest of the nights, welling as I process the passing of time. How do I do things of which I don't approve? Emotion took control; stay cool, stay cool. Will I ever learn to think, think, think before I do? Oh, the one I love most, how do we ever fight. Sensitivity can be my curse, but I'll take it as a blessing tonight.
I guess we finally made it. What are we doing here? Sweating at some stranger's; nothing seems clear. Thirty-six long hours driving through the night. Was it worth our efforts? Such things will cause a fight. Maybe we'll find our answers in the ocean's waves. But until they're revealed I'll feel a bit insane. I miss my family back home in Illinois. Why must we travel so far to find our joy? It seems at every corner things they look the same. People eating, shopping; we're all playing the same game. But then again, why do we do anything? Am I wasting my time sitting here rambling? It takes a change to open up your brain. I guess I'll leave it to God to explain. I learned the best lesson that week with Uncle Pete. He had what's most important, ultimate purity. I need it now. Wash over me please. Help me decide what for the world to bring. I'm sorry sometimes I can get so blue. Yours is the kind of love that pulls me through. I will travel with you near or far. You are forever embedded in my heart.
Make Beauty 02:57
In the night you're supposed to dream vivid pictures usually unseen. But there's one who always stays awake in a cycle he won't ever break. Turn the knob, vapor fills the room. Now for hours, totally consumed. Pacing back and forth across the floor, every night you search for something more. Oh my man; not one of this world. I stand by to hear the secrets he unfurls. May the spirit come to you. May your thoughts not haunt you. Make beauty. It's rare to find someone who's set themself free to live in a state of spirituality. Devising comfort you formed another way, 'cause you can't accept living a normal day. The monk needs solitude for revelations that haven't been construed. In daylight, community influence is shown, while the darkness invites hearts that are your own. I've been taught by you to have the courage to seek the truth. Society's distractions prominently take a hold on hypnotized masses; few break the mold. Oh, there must be something more than monotonous completion of American chores. May the spirit pour out of you. May this love take care of you. Make your beauty, oh, life of beauty.
Shadow Hills 04:26
We've been caught in the in-between it seems. Aimlessly following what we think might be our dreams. And who's to say that we've wasted a day? When we spend them side-by-side I think we're living okay, okay. It's been weird to see how fast a chapter fades. Sifting through confusion while Mercury's in retrograde. I've learned a thing or two through traveling with you. I will lay to rest my fears all because one will hear and hold me near, near, near. I wake up late in the afternoon; the daylight's nearly through. Countless things on my list I never got to do. But not all is lost; I've still grasped the western pulse. Tucked in Shadow Hills, California; you've given me my fill. I feel, feel, I feel... I feel, feel, I feel. Inevitably time takes your friends away. I cannot help but feel betrayed. You have got your own life; it's clear to see that it doesn't involve me. I still hope you're happy. I feel, I feel, I feel... I feel, I feel, I feel. Tucked in Shadow Hills, California; you've given me my fill. I feel, I feel, I feel.
Am I trying too hard to pick this life apart? There's a damage that goes with the way I expose. I can hear my mother say: "Of course life can be gray when you're spending your days focused on your own pain. Why don't you step outside? Take yourself off of your own mind." These are things I've always known but need constantly shown. Please tell me one more time so I can stop my crying. The life of waiting for the muse; oh, the hours I spend confused. I'm surprised when she appears, but in these moments it's clear she is the meaning of life. Worth rummaging through emotional strife. There is truth to reveal. I'd rather not live behind a shield. To be content you will often find that boredom trails close behind. Perhaps I romanticize; it's in the longing I feel alive. A man stretching on the floor as I finish up my chores. Please say you're not bored with our day after day after day. I've spent the last couple weeks on simple errands, washing the sheets, checking things off my list of to-dos. It feels so little that I've amounted to. I can hear my mother say: "Of course life can be gray when you're spending your days focused on your own pain. Why don't you step outside? Take yourself off of your own mind."
If you will take me to the beach maybe I'll finally feel relief amongst this concrete. I need a reason for being. Now that we've traveled so far, loaded our life up into a car, I've come to find I'm losing my mind in these Los Angeles times. Our old river spot seems divine. Sure, cities can be bright with their pretty lights. Some find them the best way to see life, but people have greed that rubs off on me while nature reminds us to breathe. We already have all that we need. When you submerge my feet in that salt it de-swells my ankles as well as my heart. I feel that God is here; he whispers through the clouds while the sunset dances around. So, tonight as I go to close my eyes, I'll give thanks to the living community for holding me, so sweetly, in it's universal arms, where nothing can bring me harm.


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released May 13, 2015

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Kayli Kaufmann
Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion, Keyboards, Production - Ian Kaufmann


all rights reserved



Creature People Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Psalms written by a fairy princess whom was never locked in a tower, and thus has seen a thing or two.

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